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About this Web Site...

This Web Site has been designed by Alexandre Fenyö. Several graphical ideas come from the FreeBSD official web server. It is dedicated to include all the documents and to reference all the resources relative to MPC. For this purpose, don't hesitate to mail us if you want some information to be added or updated.

Technical informations

ASUS P55T2P4 with Intel Pentium at 200 MHz, IDE & SCSI disks
Operating System
FreeBSD version 2.2.5
Web server
Internet connection
HTML authoring editor
XEmacs and Amaya
HTML version
Partially compatible with version 4.0 of the HTML standard,
with Cascading Style Sheets
Images created with `Paint Shop Pro' and `XPaint'
Most of the slides where created with `xfig'
Online documentations
Online documentations converted to HTML with `latex2html'
Search Engine
Perl encapsulation of FreeWAIS


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About this Web Site
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