ASIM team
LIP6 Laboratory
Paris, France

Who we are...

Several people worked on MPC : the hardware developments are mainly performed at LIP6, the software developments involve people at LIP6 and many cooperations.

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The Team

Alain Greiner (
Professor, Project Manager
Franck Wajsbürt (
Assistant Professor, PCIDDC design
Belkacem Zerrouk (
Assistant Professor, RCube general architecture
Frédéric Potter (
PhD student while at LIP6, MPC general architecture
Abdel Afid Bouaraoua (
PhD student, Performance Evaluation
Vincent Reibaldi (
PhD student while at LIP6, RCube physical design
Jean-Jacques Lecler (
PhD student, PCIDDC protocol design, SmartHSL and FastHSL designer
Jean-Lou Desbarbieux (
PhD student, PCIDDC design, NOE design
Cyril Spasevski (
PhD student, PCIDDC design
Amal Zerrouki (
Post-doc Researcher, hardware design
Emmanuel Coulon (
PhD student, work on the 1 Gbit/s macro-cell
Fabricio Silva (
PhD student, optimized PVM port to MPC
Alexandre Fenyö (
PhD student, drivers and communication layers designer
Olivier Glück (
PhD graduated, optimized PVM and MPI port to MPC, Job Management System
Stéphane Penain (
now PhD student at ENST, member of the design team of PCI-DDC during his DEA and the following training course
Karim Mana (
optimized PVM port to MPC and lower kernel developments during his DEA and some training courses

Tachys Technologies

Tachys Technologies is a spin-off company from the university, in charge of the industrial exploitation of the research results. To contact Tachys Technologies, please send an e-mail to

Academic Cooperations

Bertil Foliot, Neilze Dorta, Philippe Cadinot
Isabelle Demeure
Pierre David, Paul Feautrier
LARIA/Université de Picardie Jules Verne
Gil Utard

Projects including Industrial Partners

  • OMI-Macramé
  • Europro
  • Arches

How to contact us ?
post-mail: Équipe Architecture des Systèmes et Micro-Électronique,
Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6,
Couloir 55-65, 2ème étage,
Université Pierre et Marie Curie,
4, place Jussieu,
75252 Paris Cedex 05,
phone:+33 1 44 27 30 43
fax:+33 1 44 27 72 80


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